Salvation Tracts — You Can Print at Home

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Salvation Tracts — You Can Print at Home

Postby Paul » Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:28 pm

The below PDF attachments are single sheet, tri-fold brochures that can be printed at home, if you have a duplex (two-sided) printer, either automatic or manual. Do not attempt two-sided printing, if a printer is not designated for duplex or two-sided printing, or the printer will be damaged. However, home duplex printers are very common at this time. Check your printer manual. Your local library also may permit duplex printing.

The brochures will have a professional appearance, and the positions set out are consistent with the highest academic and bible interpretation standards.

"A Blood Covenant with Jesus Christ" presents the basis for accepting Christ as savior, ending with a prayer of salvation. The other two brochures deal with flaws in Darwin's method of investigation regarding evolution, and with how we know the bible is the Word of God. The three brochures can be used separately, or placed into a letter-sized envelope to be presented as a package.

If using an automatic duplexer, designate short edge, and print. Turn the column with the brochure title over to about three and five-eighths inches from the opposite edge of the page and fold. Then, place the opposite edge into the first fold, and fold again.

If using a manual duplexer, first print page one. Then, place the page back into the printer tray, making certain the paper is straight, being guided by the blank paper beneath. Then, print page two and fold.

The content of the brochure, "A Blood Covenant with Jesus Christ," also can be found in this forum —
Accepting Christ

And the brochure content of "Charles Darwin — A Great Scientist?!??" also is found in the forum — Darwin Critique

The brochure content of "Prophecy — Knowing the Bible Is the Word of God" also is in the forum — Prophecy Word

If you have any questions regarding the printing of the tracts, please let me know,
correspondent -
(Set out this way to avoid the bots.)

Click on the links below to open and/or download the brochures.

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