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The Church of the Love of Christ upholds that the biblical model of church structure is based on the cell-unit. This organizational concept enhances the ministry of all believers, requiring ready access to essential knowledge on the Christian faith for the entire membership in a basic format. It is our objective to communicate the essence of subject matters necessary for the ministry and practice of a biblically based Christianity.

Every effort has been made, in the articles on this web site, not to go beyond God's revelation, but to review the essentials that can be known from Scripture on relevant subjects. The articles focus on being clear and concise, thorough but succinct, plain in expression, but without overlooking technical understanding.

To accomplish these objectives an outline format often is utilized, which sets the primary train of thought in bold type. These outlines can be read through quickly, following the bold font to obtain a basic and overall understanding of the subject matter. Then, comprehension and retention of a complete reading should be enhanced. The outline format also assists quickly locating specific sub-topics for further review. However, the narrative articles, although not having as intense a literary format, employ the same objectives of being clear and concise.

Articles surveying the Old Testament already have been written, with the same literary objectives, and efforts are underway to include them on the web site as soon as they are formatted for the Internet. Further plans are to have a New Testament survey, a short history of the church, and articles on apologetics, including answers to Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Muslims, as well as providing a general defense of Christianity. Also planned are articles of special interest, such as the relation of science to Christianity, the influence of our faith on British and American political theory, and the differences found in the English Bible translations.

Please pray for the growth and success of this web site and our financial well being. We pray that all who visit the site may in some way find God’s blessing.