How Did God Judge Marie Walewska?

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How Did God Judge Marie Walewska?

Postby Paul » Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:06 pm

At age 15 Marie was already married to one of the wealthiest men in Poland, the Count Walewska, three or four times her age, but taken by her beauty, blond hair, blue eyes, and lovely figure. When she was 18, Napoleon with the Grand Army came into the provinces of Poland on their way to invading Russia. The Poles were ecstatic, thinking that at last Napoleon would give them their independence. Marie went with the crowds to Bronia to catch a glimpse of the emperor, and he noticed her. He gave her a bouquet of flowers and said he hoped that later in Warsaw he could have a kiss.

But in Warsaw, Napoleon sent her an invitation to a ball in his honor. She refused. Almost immediately, an envoy of Polish nobles asked her to go to the ball, and then her husband insisted that she accept. It wasn't just a matter of hoping her influence on Napoleon could help Poland acquire independence, but the insult of her refusal would cause great destruction of property and loss of life. She was told that like Esther, she had been marked by heaven to save the country.

Finally, she agreed to go to the ball, and she was seduced by Napoleon and became his mistress. Eventually she had a son by him. Her husband according to formality put her away, but she was considered a national hero. She visited Napoleon to console him while he was held prisoner at Elba. She died later in life during childbirth.

Did the Countess Walewska sin? If the consequences of her refusal only involved destruction of property, rather than loss of life, would the answer be different?

I have often been told that the beauty of Christianity is its simplicity. However, I have never found it simple... never... and I think Marie Walewska would agree with me that it is not. I believe the beauty of Christianity is God's holiness, his mercy, his love, his faithfulness.
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